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The NEURASAN® treatment method combines behavioural therapy/hyperhydration therapy and homeopathy. The treatment was developed by the founder and fumarologist Markus Gross, and can help to positively influence the nicotine receptors, in other words the „receiving antennae” in the cells of people who are dependent on nicotine, and thus ease the symptoms of the craving to smoke.

During the homeopathic portion of the treatment, various basic plant and mineral substances which have been potentiated in accordance with the original patented NEURASAN® formulation from Markus Gross are injected intracutaneously into the outer edge of the ear.

The behavioural therapy comprises a 10-day abstinence and hyperhydration protocol, which enables the patient to permanently change their behaviour patterns.

  1. Over 30 years’ experience of smoking cessation
  2. Inventor and developer of the NEURASAN® treatment by means of ear injections
  3. Internationally patented formulation 
  4. More than 100,000 patients treated worldwide
  5. The NEURASAN® treatment is only offered by certified specialist practices, and NOT peripatetically or in hotels.

If you would like to stop smoking, being inwardly prepared to do it makes this step easier. But the NEURASAN® treatment is also an option even if you have already tried everything or doubt yourself. Remain relaxed even during everyday stresses, and experience how an addiction-free life can feel.

The  NEURASAN® treatment works gently, by using exclusively homeopathic substances in accordance with the internationally patented formulation from Markus Gross.

The NEURASAN® anti-smoking treatment can be obtained in Uchtelfangen and Berlin from Markus Gross, and in Chemnitz from our certified partner Dr. med. Falk Petzold. 

Once you have made an appointment, our trained personnel at our specialist practices will explain theNEURASAN® treatment to you during a comprehensive consultation. Naturally this will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions. Treatment takes place separately in the treatment room, so that Mr. Markus Gross or Dr. Petzold can address every patient individually.

Important to know: unlike other smoking cessation programmes, we won’t forbid you to smoke before your treatment, so you don’t need to change a single thing about your habits beforehand!

Most patients will need only a single treatment to start a life without cigarettes.

For a small number of patients, a single treatment will not be enough.

We know from experience the psychological strain this may entail, and will always arrange for an additional treatment at short notice. So rather than grab a cigarette, pick up the phone instead.

The vast majority of patients experiences no withdrawal symptoms in the long term after treatment, nor any desire to smoke. It is possible that the thought of a cigarette may occasionally cross a patient’s mind in stress situations – but this is not equivalent to the permanent craving for a cigarette you as a smoker generally feel after quitting, when your thoughts involuntarily and constantly revolve around your craving for the next cigarette. In these stress situations it is up to you to determine how firmly you want to stay smoke-free. NEURASAN® supports you in your determination.

Please note: The effect of the NEURASAN® injection therapy will last until your body is given a fresh supply of nicotine.

The NEURASAN® therapeutic agent contains only homeopathic active ingredients – the result of many years of research and development by the naturopath Markus Gross. The NEURASAN® brand – the anti-smoking therapy by Markus Gross – is subject to trade mark protection by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) to protect patients from counterfeit products. Trust only the original ingredient components of NEURASAN®!

The homeopathic ingredients are highly tolerable. If preferred, NEURASAN® can be administered with a supplement of a 0.5 percent local anaesthetic to ensure a pain-free injection.

The term fumarology is borrowed from the Portuguese fumar (= to smoke) and refers to a particular naturopathic specialism, which focuses on using the NEURASAN® treatment developed by Markus Gross to treat withdrawal symptoms in patents who smoke.

The treatment activities used in fumarology are specific, and are derived from the fields of natural medicine and homeopathy, and from the findings of internal medicine. They involve the preventive curative therapeutic treatment by a specialist therapist (fumarologist) of the patient who smokes.

Fumarologists need to have sufficient knowledge to recognise the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and treat them accordingly.

The title “fumarologist” has been protected by trade mark law since 2006. Only the specialist naturopath Markus Gross is permitted to bear this title in Germany.

You can obtain further information from the naturopathy practice of Markus Gross.




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