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Many smokers would quit on the spot if it weren’t for the agony of those physical withdrawal symptoms. The NEURASAN® method allows you to stop smoking instantly and permanently from the time of treatment. With the NEURASAN® Ohrinjekt® (ear inject) method, the dreaded withdrawal symptoms that frequently cause a relapse are either not experienced at all, or experienced only to a minor degree. This is the key reason why the vast majority of the patients we treat succeed in kicking their smoking habit easily after a single treatment – with lasting results.

In our experience, the NEURASAN® injection therapy has enabled the overwhelming majority of our patients to benefit from the successful effects of our method – after a single treatment! Successful means that the patients do not experience physical withdrawal symptoms once the effect sets in.

The patients experience none of the following problems:

  1. Anxiety / Impaired concentration
  2. Permanent craving for cigarettes
  3. Aggression / Depression
  4. Cravings or associations in conjunction with moderate quantities of alcohol
  5. Shifting the addiction to uncontrolled eating binges
  6. Being in a room where people are smoking – i.e. passive smoking


Better still: After treatment with NEURASAN® these patients feel as if they had never smoked at all.

If after the first NEURASAN® treatment you find that you are one of the few patients who do have problems or suffer from withdrawal symptoms, please schedule a follow-up treatment immediately. Important: Don’t question your own abilities, don’t put yourself down (“I knew all along I wouldn’t be able to stick it out!”).

Follow-up treatment means: You will be administered a higher dosage of the NEURASAN® therapeutic agent. Please note that you should not smoke between two treatments! Only then will you stand a chance of quitting successfully.

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The anti-smoking therapy is based on six years of research work and is patent-protected. Markus Gross has been successfully treating patients from all over the world with the ear injection method for almost 30 years now.

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