Side effects

What side effects should I expect?

NeuraSan® may produce side effects. One of them is dry mouth, or xerostomia. In rare cases there may also be localized allergy-type reactions along the outer rim of the ear, e.g. skin inflammations accompanied by redness, itching, or blisters. The intracutaneous injection may cause swelling, redness of the skin, and hematoma.

Important notes:
  1. Administering a homeopathic medication may temporarily cause the existing symptoms to become more severe (initial worsening). In this case the patient should immediately consult his therapist.
  2. In homeopathy it is an established fact that the effect of a homeopathic medication may be adversely affected by generally detrimental lifestyle factors and by certain stimulants and foods such as caffein, alcohol, or essential oils. If any of these apply, the patient is required to inform his therapist of such detrimental factors to discuss and assess his chances of success.

NeuraSan® therapy is not used to treat patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, as reliable data on the interaction of the active ingredients is to date not available.

The same applies to penicillin antibiosis (i.e. if a patient is being treated with penicillin at the time of therapy, e.g. because of an infection). Also, NeuraSan® therapy is not applied during pregnancy and lactation on account of insufficient clinical experience.