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NEURASAN® is an effective ear injection therapy used as an anti-smoking cure – no acupuncture. This anti-smoking therapy and the therapeutic drug bearing the same name were developed in years of research by the alternative practitioner and Fumarologist Markus Gross. The method uses specific treatment procedures that are derived from the areas of naturopathy, homeopathy, and findings of internal medicine. They encompass the preventive and curative treatment of smoking patients by a specialized therapist. As such, the practice operated by Markus Gross specializes in the therapy and support of smokers seeking to overcome their habit.

The NEURASAN® brand – the anti-smoking therapy developed by Markus Gross – is the result of many years of applied research and is a registered trademark. The injection therapy for patients seeking to kick their smoking habit is offered only by Markus Gross – at his specialist practice located in Uchtelfangen/Saar.

Quit smoking with a simple method and unprecedented ease!

  1. Our practice specializes in anti-smoking therapy, and we provide a professional and effective treatment. The best proof of the efficacy of a therapy using our method is our patients – people seeking our help from all over the country and throughout Europe, even from all over the globe, who have succeeded in kicking their smoking habit with the aid of the NEURASAN® ear injection therapy.
  2. We support you in your desire to quit now without unnecessary psychological or physical stress. With the NEURASAN® method, you can be cured of your habit within 10 minutes to 24 hours. This method works irrespective of how many cigarettes or how long you have been smoking, and regardless of age or gender.
  3. After your treatment, we offer ongoing support whenever you need us: whether – in rare cases – for follow-up treatment, for encouragement, or to answer personal questions.

If you want to stop smoking, a firm mental determination to kick the habit will make it easier for you to do so. The NEURASAN® anti-smoking therapy helps you succeed very easily: Even if you are in doubt as to whether you really have the willpower, or if you have had multiple relapses, whether you believe in it or not – the NEURASAN® effect will reliably set in!

Without the irritating withdrawal symptoms that make it so hard for many smokers to get by from day to day. In no more than a single treatment for the majority of patients. By gentle means, for the NEURASAN® therapeutic agent contains only homeopathic ingredients according to the formula developed by Markus Gross.

The actual treatment

Your non-smoking therapy will take two hours at most and is performed only in our NEURASAN® practice for naturopathy in Uchtelfangen/Saar. After scheduling an appointment you will be assigned to different groups after arrival. In a counseling session with naturopath Markus Gross you will be given detailed information on the NEURASAN® therapy and subsequently have the opportunity to ask questions. You will receive treatment one by one in the treatment room to enable Mr. Gross to listen to and respond to each patient individually.

Important note: Unlike other anti-smoking therapies, this procedure does not require you to abstain from smoking prior to treatment. You will not be requested to change any of your habits before starting!

Most patients will need only a single treatment to start a life without cigarettes.

For a small number of patients, a single treatment will not be enough.

We know from experience the psychological strain this may entail, and will always arrange for an additional treatment at short notice. So rather than grab a cigarette, pick up the phone instead.

The vast majority of patients experiences no withdrawal symptoms in the long term after treatment, nor any desire to smoke. It is possible that the thought of a cigarette may occasionally cross a patient’s mind in stress situations – but this is not equivalent to the permanent craving for a cigarette you as a smoker generally feel after quitting, when your thoughts involuntarily and constantly revolve around your craving for the next cigarette. In these stress situations it is up to you to determine how firmly you want to stay smoke-free. NEURASAN® supports you in your determination.

Please note: The effect of the NEURASAN® injection therapy will last until your body is given a fresh supply of nicotine.

The NEURASAN® therapeutic agent contains only homeopathic active ingredients – the result of many years of research and development by the naturopath Markus Gross. The NEURASAN® brand – the anti-smoking therapy by Markus Gross – is subject to trade mark protection by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) to protect patients from counterfeit products. Trust only the original ingredient components of NEURASAN®!

The homeopathic ingredients are highly tolerable. If preferred, NEURASAN® can be administered with a supplement of a 0.5 percent local anaesthetic to ensure a pain-free injection.

The term fumarology is derived from the Portuguese word fumar (= to smoke) and stands for a special naturopathic branch of specialization that focuses on the treatment of withdrawal symptoms in smoking patients using the NEURASAN® therapy developed by Markus Gross.

Fumarology operates on the basis of specific treatment procedures that are derived from the areas of naturopathy, homeopathy, and findings of internal medicine. These procedures encompass the preventive curative therapeutic treatment of smoking patients by a specialized therapist (fumaroligist).

Fumarologists should have sufficient knowledge to recognize symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and treat them appropriately.

In Germany, the title “Fumarloge” (fumarologist) has been trademark protected since 2006. Only the specialized naturopath Markus Gross is authorized to use this title in Germany.

For further information please see Naturheilpraxis Markus Gross.

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The anti-smoking therapy is based on six years of research work and is patent-protected. Markus Gross has been successfully treating patients from all over the world with the ear injection method for almost 30 years now.

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