Quit smoking in only two hours


If you want to stop smoking, a firm mental determination to kick the habit will make it easier for you to do so. The NeuraSan® anti-smoking therapy helps you succeed very easily: Even if you are in doubt as to whether you really have the willpower, or if you have had multiple relapses, whether you believe in it or not – the NeuraSan® effect will reliably set in!

Without the irritating withdrawal symptoms that make it so hard for many smokers to get by from day to day. In no more than a single treatment for the majority of patients. By gentle means, for the NeuraSan® therapeutic agent contains only homeopathic ingredients according to the formula developed by Markus Gross.

The actual treatment:


Your non-smoking therapy will take two hours at most and is performed only in our NeuraSan® practice for naturopathy in Uchtelfangen/Saar. After scheduling an appointment you will be assigned to different groups after arrival. In a counseling session with naturopath Markus Gross you will be given detailed information on the NeuraSan® therapy and subsequently have the opportunity to ask questions. You will receive treatment one by one in the treatment room to enable Mr. Gross to listen to and respond to each patient individually.

Important note: Unlike other anti-smoking therapies, this procedure does not require you to abstain from smoking prior to treatment. You will not be requested to change any of your habits before starting!