What are the benefits of the anti-smoking therapy developed by Markus Gross?

  1. Our practice specializes in anti-smoking therapy, and we provide a professional and effective treatment. The best proof of the efficacy of a therapy using our method is our patients - people seeking our help from all over the country and throughout Europe, even from all over the globe, who have succeeded in kicking their smoking habit with the aid of the NeuraSan® ear injection therapy.
  2. We support you in your desire to quit now without unnecessary psychological or physical stress. With the NeuraSan® method, you can be cured of your habit within 10 minutes to 24 hours. This method works irrespective of how many cigarettes or how long you have been smoking, and regardless of age or gender.
  3. After your treatment, we offer ongoing support whenever you need us: whether - in rare cases - for follow-up treatment, for encouragement, or to answer personal questions.