The term fumarology is derived from the Portuguese word fumar (= to smoke) and stands for a special naturopathic branch of specialization that focuses on the treatment of withdrawal symptoms in smoking patients using the NeuraSan® therapy developed by Markus Gross.

Fumarology operates on the basis of specific treatment procedures that are derived from the areas of naturopathy, homeopathy, and findings of internal medicine. These procedures encompass the preventive curative therapeutic treatment of smoking patients by a specialized therapist (fumaroligist).

Fumarologists should have sufficient knowledge to recognize symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and treat them appropriately.

In Germany, the title "Fumarloge" (fumarologist) has been trademark protected since 2006. Only the specialized naturopath Markus Gross is authorized to use this title in Germany.

For further information please see Naturheilpraxis Markus Gross.